Pastor Russell has been the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church since 1990.  He came when the church was a military congregation on K.I. Sawyer Air Base.  When the base closed in 1995, he felt the Lord would have him remain to reach the community and surrounding areas. 

Pastor Russell is a 1978 graduate of Maranatha Baptist Bible College which was under the presidency of Dr. Cedarholm.  Because of this, he has a strong local church, soulwinning, and missions emphasis in the ministry.  Pastor Russell also furthered his Bible education at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. 

Pastor Russell and Betty, his wife of 34 years and a graduate of Maranatha Baptist Bible College, have three children who love the Lord and serve in their respective churches.

Note from the Pastor:

It has been a privilege to serve at Heritage Baptist Church.  The Upper Peninsula people are some of the friendliest and finest Christian folk I have known.  The congregation here have a great desire to reach their community for the Lord.  On behalf of our church family, we would count it a privilege to have you visit our church services.

We look forward to seeing you.

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